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It is true that every writer has their own voice and style. However, content writers can’t always afford to relish in that luxury, because part of being a website content writer means to adapt the voice of another.

It is highly essential to be flexible and adaptable when it comes to creating content as the delivery tone has the power to form an idea about the company in the reader’s mind.


Here is the thing: Content is King only when the king manages to rush to the throne as and when needed. You can’t afford to have a creative content writing agency which doesn’t keep up with the deadlines. Because, when you’ve got a schedule to follow as a company, you must be able to keep it. Apart from being the voice of your website, content creation is a part of marketing too. Any delay in publishing the content or writing it will affect the brand’s marketing strategy in general.


Content creation is not really a ‘creation’ if it doesn’t sound unique in any way. The content must not ring a bell with something you read elsewhere, rather it should adopt the voice of your brand and speak in your own unique style. When you ask a content writing agency for their sample works, make sure you stack a couple of them and do your research.

Thinking Outside The Box

We can remember the famous quote:

“They bring unique insight and experience to the table.” — Victoria Taylo Content Marketing Manager at Readz

An excellent content writer can think outside the box, generating new ideas for content with a fresh perspective. As someone who is close to your business you may find yourself struggling to think of exciting new ways to engage clients and potential customers — outsourcing your content writing to creative, innovative individuals is an excellent way to break out of that problem.

The content you outsource should not be repetitive, and a writer must be able to look at a writing prompt or subject from a variety of angles to ensure that what they provide to you is always fresh and exciting.

Impeccable Language Skills

Write Right works with the ideology “Deliver post-ready content -without grammatical, spelling, or factual errors.” — Sherry Smith Gray Freelance Content Marketing Writer

People will notice the spelling, grammar, and language in your content. This is where paying more for high-quality content makes sense. Inexpensive writing services may provide lots of content, quickly, but you will likely be sacrificing language skills.

A writer with a strong command of language can turn any material into a gem. These writers are almost like storytellers, weaving your company, industry, and goals into an article or post that is captivating and engaging, while matching specific language requirements like regional spelling.

Ability To Take Direction

They strongly believe in this

“The thing I’ve come to value most in freelance writers is the ability to take direction.” — Melissa Bierly Content Marketing Manager at Mode Analytics

Many people who outsource web content are looking for a long term commitment. This is ideal as it allows for your web content to all sound alike if it is written by the same author, adding to the consistency and synergy with your brand.

For this to work, you must outsource to a content writer who can take direction. A writer who responds to feedback, and remembers your requests for next time, will save you lots of time in revision and editing. This will free up more of your time for other business endeavors.

Speaking the Same Language

So, how does your persona talk? What words do they use? What’s their tone of voice?

People prefer content that is relatable. Use a writing style that matches the way your persona speaks within their industry and to their colleagues.

Speaking to your audience using words and a tone of voice that they are familiar with is more likely to elicit the desired response than one that is completely foreign.

Getting Feedback

Once you have an audience, ask for feedback. Let them tell you what they want and don’t want to hear from you. Aside from the few outspoken individuals, most people won’t ever give feedback unless you ask them to.

Provide Real Value

Once you’ve figured out who your audience is and what they want, you have to follow-through and provide valuable content.

The best way to differentiate yourself from competitors is to provide the best value!

The three most effective ways to provide value are to:

1. Create unique and original content

2. Make content actionable

3. Be a resource

Being Original

If you want your content to be valuable, it needs to be original. You want to create content that stands out from the crowd and adds to the conversation, instead of repeating old news.

Even when you are writing about something that has been covered extensively, try to find a way to put your own unique spin on it. (Giving your personas something they’ve time and time again is no way to build a dedicated audience.)

Let your personality shine in your writing! People relate to people, so remind your readers that there is a real person behind every word.

Be Actionable

When someone lands on your blog, they are looking to solve a problem or learn more about something. Oftentimes they are looking for a solution that they can implement immediately. Where many blogs fail is in creating content that isn’t actionable right away.

Give them something they can do as soon as they are done reading. You don’t have to provide life-changing advice in every post, simply sharing a resource or providing step-by-step instructions is enough to keep the journey going.

When you do this you are building trust with your readers. They will remember that time they found your blog and discovered something useful that benefited them that same day. Then the next time they want more information, your name and site will be the first to come to mind.

People will keep coming back to your blog as their resource.

The good news is, you don’t have to have all the answers to be a great resource. If you can’t solve a problem, you need to at least point people in the right direction.

It might sound counter-intuitive to send readers away from your website, but as long as you are helping them you are providing value.

As long as you are helping people out, one way or another, they will remember you.

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